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Music theatre for 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, bass,
chamber ensemble, computer and video projection

Concept, Music, Texts: Alexandros Mouzas
Video art, animation: Vicky Betsou
Illustrations: Alexia Othonaiou



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About the piece

The city is more than meets the eye: the buildings, the streets, the sidewalks, the parks, the town squares or its people. It is the relationships which, like a giant spider’s web, connect all the pieces of one chaotic puzzle.

We are no mere physical entities. Our life no longer depends on our physical presence. Instead, we are multiple entities, veils, levels or concentric spheres that orbit within one another simultaneously.  

Our every activity, be it physical or mental, is one such sphere by which we are surrounded in the natural or virtual environment. Communication and communion with the equivalent spheres of other people connects and intergrates us in a different network each time, forming atypical groups, subcultures or networks.

The urban space expands through its narrow geographical definition, taking in turn the form of the concentric circles: from our esoteric self to the vast social groups. 

We are multible beings of different textures and composition that live many concurrent lives, whether overt or secret, esoteric or public. Together they form the totality of who we really are.

Through this performance I try to approach every kind of ‘life’ as I imagine it to be. I want to deconstruct those different layers, focussing on the point of view not so much of the different sides of life in a city (City Life) but on the different lives created or formed by such defining factors as communication, money, the Media, religion, culture as well as our ideas and belief systems. (Street Life, Social Life, Media Life, Money Life, Inner Life, After Life etc.)

The music of the piece acts in conjunction with the text, while the image and the videos inspire several interpretations of the messages.


I. Intro
II. Street life
III. Social life
IV. Money life
V. Media life
VI. Early life
VII. Inner life
VIII. After life

Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall
May 9th 2014

1h 40 min (with intermission) 

Artemis Bogri, Myrsini Margariti

Maria Vlachopoulou

Tassos Apostolou

Andreas Tselikas


Lighting designer
Sakis Birbilis

Giorgos Segredakis









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