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city lives alexandros mouzas

9,10 May 2014

at the Megaron Concert Hall

Concept, music, text: Alexandros Mouzas
Video: Vicky Betsou
Images: Alexia Othonaiou
Lighting designer: Sakis Birbilis

Myrsini Margariti soprano
Artemis Bogri soprano
Maria Vlachopoulou mezzo-soprano
Tasos Apostolou bass

Ergon Ensemble

Conductor: Andreas Tselikas



Based on an original concept by A.Mouzas City Lives is a multimedia musical production attempting to deconstruct 

our point of view of the different lives created or formed by such

defining factors as communication, money, the Media, religion,

culture as well as our ideas and belief systems.

(Street Life, Social Life, Media Life, Money Life, Inner Life, After Life etc.)

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