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The repatriation of the

The repatriation of the Diaspora IV: Germany 

26, January 2022

at Megaron Concert Hall

Konstantinos Terzakis, conductor



Nikos Skalkotas: Night Music from 32 piano pieces

Argyris Kounadis: Blues (1970)

Konstantia Gourzi: Néome, opus 87 (2020) premiere in Greece

Dimitris Terzakis: Οktoechos (1987-89)

Minas Borboudakis: Meta-soundscapes (ROAI IV) (2008) premiere in Greece

Geogria Koumara: Rhinoceritis (2019) premiere in Greece



Post-war Germany demonstrates that it renounces in practice the dark pages of its recent Nazi past and engages actively in providing moral, financial and practical support to the musical avant-garde. Generations of Greek composers studying at Germany’s musical academies find fertile ground for developing their musical activities and choose German cities in which to settle. Kounadis in Freiburg, Terzakis in Leipzig, Borboudakis and Gourzi in Munich, as well as the very young Koumara in Köln – all of them have been and still are present at the forefront of developments in the music scene of their era. The prolific Ergon ensemble presents characteristic works of theirs, many of them for the first time in Greece. 


The repatriation of the Diaspora iii:

19, October 2021

at Megaron Concert Hall

Conductor: Musashi Baba



Filippos Sakagian: Encéphalogramme, for clarinet, percussion, cello and piano

Nicolas Tzortzis: …à une main, hommage à Roger Federer, for solo violin and a six-member chamber ensemble

Georges Aperghis: Teeter-Totter, for chamber ensemble

Iannis Xenakis: Phlegra, for chamber ensemble


The “Repatriation of the Diaspora” is a joint project of Ergon Ensemble and Megaron, whose aim is to introduce the public to Greek composers of contemporary music or Greek composers active outside Greece. This year, the active instrumental ensemble, which in the last few years has been regularly presenting us with masterful readings of works of the contemporary repertoire, presents four chamber music works of Greek composers who were or are based in Paris. The French capital, a music centre open to pioneering explorations and experimentation, has been home to many generations of major internationally acclaimed composers, who studied or worked there. Standing out among them are Greek 20th century composers, such as the towering figure of post-war avant-garde music Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001), the imaginatively revolutionary Georges Aperghis (b. 1945), along with dynamic representatives of today’s musical avant-garde, such as Nicolas Tzortzis (b. 1978) and the very young but rising Filippos Sakagian (b. 1992).


The repatriation of the Diaspora ii:
In the beginning of New Worlds 

14, April 2021

at Megaron Concert Hall

Conductor: Giorgos Ziavras



John Psathas: Songs for Simon (2010), for piano and digital audio

His Second Time | Minos | Demonic Thesis

Stephanos Nassos piano

Matre’s Dance (1991), for piano and percussion 
Christos Sakellaridis piano Babis Taliadouros percussion 

Dimitris Andrikopoulos: 4 Nocturnes miniatures for children (2019), for violin, cello, flute and piano

Solo for Two (2018) for percussion (Greek première)

Stratis Minakakis: Skiagraphies IV, Ajax for violin, cello, flute, clarinet and piano (World première)

Thanasis Deligyiannis: Yrieas (revision 2012) for wind septet and double bass

Calliope Tsoupaki: Thin Air (2020) for two groups of instruments (Greek première)


With its eyes set on contemporary Greek creativity, Ergon Ensemble returns to Megaron Online with the second concert entitled “The return of the Diaspora”. Ergon, which specialises in 20th and 21st century music, aims to introduce contemporary composers of Greek descent or Greek composers that are active abroad. In this joint Megaron and Ergon endeavour, members of the Ensemble will interpret the works of 16 composers in 4 concerts, the programmes of which have been assembled with geographic instead of aesthetic criteria, so that the special characteristics of each creation and the different approach of each composer becomes clear to the audience.


The repatriation of the Diaspora i:
New Worlds 

10, February 2021

at Megaron Concert Hall

Conductor: Philip Augen



Christos Hatzis: Arctic Dreams I (2002) for flute, vibraphone and tape

Atonement (2012) for piano and cello European premiere 

Panayiotis Kokoras: Conscious Sound (2014) for violin, cello, clarinet and piano, Greek Premiere

Crama (2006-2007) for violin, viola, cello, piano, flute, clarinet

Ηarry Stafylakis:   Unrelent (2017) – sexteto  European premiere –

Flows Obsidian (2019) – for 9 musicians European premiere


The first concert, The New World, focuses on the USA and Canada, and presents three composers, three aesthetic strands and six works. The programme starts with two duets by the emblematic Christos Hatzis, continues with a quartet and a quintet by Panayiotis Kokoras and concludes with an octet and a nonet by Harry Stafylakis. The concert is conducted by the french maestro Philippe Auguin.


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