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balkan project / wien

3 Oct 2022



Alexandros Botinis (cello)

Kostas Tzekos (clarinet) 

Faidon Miliadis (violin) 

Christos Sakellaridis (piano)

Nikos Nikopoulos (flute)

Ali Başeğmezler (viola)

Spiros Laskaridis (trumpet)











© markus sepperer

The cycle "Nouvelles Aventures" will take us to Southeastern Europe in the 2022/23 season.

In the opening concert, the Athens based Ergon Ensemble will make its debut at the Konzerthaus with a "Balkan Project", which is currently dedicated to internationally successful female composers from Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

What these women, aged 31 to 54, have in common is their close connection to Austria and Germany: today they live in Vienna, Berlin and Cologne, respectively, only Diana Rotaru, who was artist-in-residence in Vienna in 2015, is now working again in Bucharest as a leading figure of contemporary music in Romania.

Thus, "The Balkan Project" reflects nothing other than the reality that the culture of Central Europe is inconceivable without its Southeastern European components.



Zeynep Gedizlioğlu

Without Words (2020)

Mirela Ivičević

Fear. Less. Songs (2016)

Milica Djordjević

Pod vodom raskršća snova (2018)

Diana Rotaru

Verde (Fassung für Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello und Klavier)


Alexandra Karastoyanova-Hermentin

Polynj (2019)

Georgia Koumará

Vagari (2016)

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