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The Voice of the Bacchae 

5-6 September 2021

Ancient Theater of Mieza


Spiros Laskaridis (trumpet) 

Kostas Tzekos (clarinet) 

Andreas Rolandos Theodorou (trombone)

Composition: Ioannis Aggelakis Direction: Giorgos Koutlis

Sets-Costumes: Artemis Flessa Lighting: Giorgos Agiannitis

Sound Engineer: Thanos Bikos

Christos Kechris (voice)











The Voice of the Bacchae is a performance that combines contemporary experimental music with musical theater.

Through the constant use of indeterminate phonemes, the musicians of the performance reveal the human voice as a primitive means of non-linguistic communication, creating a sense of primal ritual.

The brutality of the voices and instruments are sonic events that describe the violence revealed by Euripides' work: between Pentheus and Dionysus, between the opposing forces of human nature, between tradition and the wild desire for the new.

Just as The Bacchae reveals a perpetual conflict at the base of the human soul and history, The Voice of the Bacchae seeks to penetrate the nature of the human voice and illuminate its unexplored aspects. The performance was made possible by a grand from the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

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