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celebratining xenakis i.xenakis

12 Oct 2022



Dimitris Travlos (cello)

Kostas Tzekos (clarinet) 

Marios Nicolaou (percussion)

Kosras Panagiotidis (violin) 

Christos Sakellaridis (piano)

Nikos Tsoukalas (double bass)











As part of the 13th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival, the Ergon Ensemble – one of the leading Greek ensembles of contemporary music – returns to The Shoe Factory on Wednesday 12 October 2022 for a concert dedicated to the great pioneer of 20th century music, Iannis Xenakis, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth. An explorer of the furthest frontiers of music, architecture and thought, Greek composer, music theorist, mathematician, and architect Iannis Xenakis is commonly recognised as one of the most important post-war avant-garde figures. His dazzling mathematical constructions changed the face of music forever, and his organic structures lent poetry to post-war architecture. Shimmering strings, thundering percussion, heartfelt voices stemming from his inimitable imagery, while his daring imagination empowered audiences and musicians with a passion born out of a tumultuous and traumatic life. This fascinating concert exploring Xenakis’ smaller and lesser-known works is kindly supported by the Embassy of Greece in Cyprus.



Six chansons for piano (1951)

Hunem-Iduhey for violin & cello (1996)

Evryali for piano (1973)

Roscobeck for cello & double-bass (1996)




Dhipli Zyia for violin & cello (1951)

Rebonds for percussion (1987/89)

Charisma for clarinet & cello (1971)

Morsima-Amorsima for piano, violin, cello and double bass (1962)


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