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ergon lab

ErgonLab is a one-year training program in contemporary music performance coordinated  by members of the Ergon Ensemble.

The program takes place three times per year in Athens, Heraklion and Ioannina, Greece with additional online instruction throughout the year. Each cycle will provide free tuition and performance experience for a selected group of young performers through a combination of applied and academic education. After completing their studies, a selected number of performers may be offered an internship and/or invited to join the ensemble.


After more than a decade of international performances, Ergon Ensemble is interested in passing on the knowledge and experience of contemporary performance to the younger generation of musicians. Given the lack of training programs focusing on contemporary music in Greece, ErgonLab intends to provide a practical and up-to-date educational experience in order to integrate talented performers in the group. Furthermore, the program intends to serve as a platform for the cultivation and promotion of contemporary repertoire in Greece through concerts, presentations, and workshops open to the general public.

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target group 

The program is intended for young performers with a high level of technical and interpretational skills in western art music who wish to advance their education in contemporary music. Any performers based in Greece, or who can commit to being in Greece during the indicated periods, regardless of nationality, are welcome to apply. 


The organization covers the total cost of tuition fees and accommodation for all selected students. Students only need to cover their travel expenses to and from Athens, Heraklion and Ioannina. 

schedule and curriculum

A full cycle of studies consists of three periods.

The winter period takes place in Athens Conservatoire, the summer period in the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion and the fall period in the Municipal Cultural Center of Ioannina. Throughout the year, students will attend group and private sessions including: 


  1. Instrumental instruction: private lessons 

  2. Chamber music 

  3. Contemporary performance techniques 

  4. Aesthetics in contemporary music 

  5. Somatic education: Alexander technique, Feldenkrais 

  6. Performance with audiovisual media  

  7. Interdisciplinary performance: music in dance, musical theater, performance art. 


After the completion of a full study cycle, 1-2 graduates might be offered a paid internship with the ensemble. During this period, they will further expand their performance experience and take part in the ensemble’s projects. Upon mutual agreement, a number of graduates may become members of the ensemble in the long term.

extracurricular activities 

Aside from the educational and artistic program, students will have the chance to take part in activities such as museum and cultural site visits, culinary events, and field trips. These are optional activities, tailored to all three specific cities, which complement and enrich the learning experience of each training period.

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