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Music & Silent Cinema

14 May 2014



Conductor: Vasilis Tsiatsianis


Regen (Rain) (1931)
Directed and written by Joris Ivens & Mannus Franken
Music: Hanns Eisler, Vierzehn Arten den Regen zu beschreiben, opus 70
Fourteen Ways of Describing the Rain


Entr’acte (1924)
Directed by René Clair
Written by Francis Picabia & René Clair
Music: Erik Satie (new orchestration)


Anémic Cinéma (1926)
Directed by Marcel Duchamp
Music: Yiannis Kyriakidis (new work)


L’ étoile de mer (The Sea Star) (1928)
Directed by Man Ray
Written by Robert Desnos
Music: Nicolas Tzortzis (new work)


Un chien andalou (An Andalusian Dog) (1929)
Directed by Luis Buňuel
Written by Luis Buňuel & Salvador Dalí
Music: Alexandros Mouzas (new work)

It is no exaggeration to claim that music constitutes a bridge between the old silent film and the modern audience.

Focusing on works of abstract and surrealist cinema Ergon 

performs original scores as well commissioned new works for these experimental films.


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