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A Tribute to claude vivier

13 February 2016

Conducted by: Kasper de Roo
Soloists: Artemis Bogri (soprano)

Sound design: Katerina Vamva
Curated by: Alexandros Mouzas

Et je reverrai cette ville étrange (1981)

Shiraz (1977)
for solo piano
Christos Sakellaridis (piano)

Pulau Dewata (1977)
for string ensemble

Paramirabo (1978)
for flute, violin, cello and piano
Nikos Nikopoulos (flute), Kostas Panagiotidis (violin), Dimitris Travlos (cello), Stefanos Nasos (piano)

Bouchara (1981)
in a text by the composer,
for soprano, woodwind quintet, string quartet and percussion

Claude Vivier’s short life (1948-1983) was dedicated to a constant quest for new musical and aesthetic experiences; a quest that would lead him to construct a uniquely authentic world of sound and to write powerful, free, almost shameless music beyond any known compositional approach.

23 years after his death, Vivier’s music remains an enigma and little known to the general public.

Remaining true to its mission to familiarize audiences with contemporary masterpieces, the Ergon Ensemble seeks through this tribute to contribute to the recent international compositional and musicological interest in the composer.



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